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My name is Olivia and I would like to warmly welcome you to Among Family - Adult Developmental Homes. Please allow me to share with you my experience, motivation and goals.

When years ago I was faced with caring for my ailing grand-mother while helping my parents, running my own household and building my career as researcher at Cleveland Clinic Foundation my challenges seemed overwhelming. How can I improve my grandmother’s quality of life and offer her the outmost care and support she deserves after a lifetime of struggles and sacrifices for our family? How can I make sure that she is not overlooked or neglected in a nursing home while her hard earned lifetime savings would barely cover the cost of her care? These troubling questions kept me awake at odd hours of the night, after a full day of work. I just wished that someone would have given me an answer, an alternative to the existing care options. It was during these difficult times that I decided to find a solution to my own problems while helping other families deal with their own struggles. Do you ask yourself the same agonizing questions? Do you share my fears and concerns? I understand your challenges and I empathize with you. But most importantly, I can help you! As founder and manager of the Scottsdale and Gilbert locations of Among Family, I am driven by a very precise goal: to provide exceptional care for parents and grandparents, while respecting their dignity and privacy and offering them the very best quality of living. Throughout the years I built not only a strong professional reputation, but also long lasting friendships. My extended family grows with every resident. With an attentive and skilled staff, a pleasant and intimate environment Among Family pledges to offer not only the best possible care for your loved one, but also to emotionally support you in difficult, distressing times. We pride ourselves in the care we offer and our references speak for themselves. I encourage you to visit our homes at any times. Please feel free to call us if you have questions about adult developmental homes and we will do our best to provide you with the answers you need. Thank you for visiting Among Family ADH site and please come again.

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