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If you are a parent or guardian of an adult with developmental disabilities, the hardest part is to entrust their care to someone or anyone.

In todays fast moving and demanding society, the time required to adequately care for a family member with special needs may call for investing a lot of time. We realize that in order to make ends meet, both parents or guardian/s have to work. By providing you with a selection of our ADH providers, you can meet with them and select the one that you consider most appropriate. You might look in on this as a partnership, however we want you to feel more like, among family. Since placements in an adult developmental home are usually considered long-term, we understand the difficulty to make the right choice.

At among family we work with you to achieve a compassionate solution and to relieve any stress during this delicate and emotional process. Our agency is built on the principle that any person regardless of disabilities, must be considered an integral member of the family he or she is placed with. Therefore, he or she must be part of the family and most importantly to feel as if, among family!

We are proud of being able to achieve this match due to the extensive process of interviewing our future subcontracted adh providers. We set our expectations very high, so you the consumer will experience the benefits in the long run. Everyone is different, and we realize that, but different is a positive aspect when it comes to caring for individuals with special needs. The interviewing process allows us to build a profile, highlight the strong points and account for personal experience and knowledge of the many levels of disabilities we are faced with.

It is a unique calling and it takes a special person or family to open their home and commit so much of their time to caring for an individual with special needs. We take pride in all our ADH providers, and we work hand in hand with them to assure you continuously that you made the right choice by being among family!

Among Family is where your loved one will reach their goals and enjoy life to it fullest!

As one of our role models once said: "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." - Christopher Reeve

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