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James M. Church, M.D.

It is a pleasure for me to write a reference on behalf of Olivia Pastean. I have known Olivia for several years now in several capacities. I initially met her when she was a Unit Secretary on one of the surgical floors here at The Cleveland Clinic, helping to coordinate the care of my patients. Olivia then became a Study Assistant in The Department of Colorectal Surgery, where she worked directly with me helping to set up and run the colonoscopy database among other databases.

For the last five years Olivia has been an Administrative Coordinator in The Department of Medical Genetics, where she has played a key role in the activities of The David G. Jagelman Inherited Colorectal Cancer Registries. Throughout my entire contact with Olivia she has impressed me with her intelligence, her enthusiasm, her initiative and her dedication to the tasks she has been assigned. She has always gone above and beyond the accepted standards of the tasks she has been allotted. She has frequently used her own initiative to the benefit of the department. She has had the opportunity to work closely with a variety of patients and families and has always performed very well in this capacity. She has gotten on well with patients and families and has been able to act as an effective intermediary between them and the medical staff. I have always found Olivia reliable and accurate in her work, setting an example that very few people can follow.

I am extremely disappointed to be losing her services and she will be very difficult to replace. She has skills in computing, and database management, and interpersonal relations, and organization, and she combines these skills with a willingness to work hard and a marked degree of personal initiative.

If I can be of any further assistance in helping Olivia, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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