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James Church, MD

It is a pleasure for me to write a reference on behalf of Olivia Pastean. I have known Olivia for several years now in several capacities. I initially met her when she was a Unit Secretary on one of the surgical floors here at The Cleveland Clinic, helping to coordinate the care of my patients. Olivia then became a Study Assistant in The Department of Colorectal Surgery, where she worked directly with me helping to set up and run the colonoscopy database among other databases...

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Terry Durr, RN

Since I’ve been working in CORS (Colorectal Surgery), I have found Olivia Pastean to be a valuable asset in this department. She is always helpful and cheerful. She finds time to do her work and help residents and nurses alike. She finds solutions to various issues ranging from lost charts to computer access and printer problems. She enables everyone who approaches her to maximize job performance while completing her own tasks promptly. Despite sometimes frequent interruptions she remains cheerful and friendly. She has really impacted on my ability to use the computer so I can work more efficiently. I’m grateful I work with Olivia Pastean.

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Ellen A. McGannon, B.S.W

Its so very hard for me to put all my feelings in words. They are so mixed. I have great feeling of joy for your new adventure, proud and honored to have known and worked with you, belief in your talents to make your dream a success, and yet such great sorrow for losing a friend and office mate.

I am not writing a good bye note since I think we will always be close at heart as friends, and maybe someday work side by side...

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Letter from a Client

We can't begin to thank you for all you did for Mom and for us. You give more than wonderful care. The love and security, and happiness you shared with all of us - well, we are overwhelmed. You see...

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