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Ellen A. McGannon, B.S.W.

Its so very hard for me to put all my feelings in words. They are so mixed. I have great feeling of joy for your new adventure, proud and honored to have known and worked with you, belief in your talents to make your dream a success, and yet such great sorrow for losing a friend and office mate.

I am not writing a good bye note since I think we will always be close at heart as friends, and maybe someday work side by side once again. This must be such a stressful time with the details of the move, starting a new business, and saying good bye to all that you knew here in Cleveland and those you cared about on all levels. Its such an emotional time for all, but yet one of great joy. Everyone who knows you is so happy for you. We area all saying goodbye and good luck in varying degrees. And we are all handling it in a different way, am being very quiet, because I'm trying not to cry for your sake. I know you have so much on your plate, and as your friend and adopted sister, I want to be strong for you.

The last few years have been wonderful working with you, the best!!!! I know no one can ever take your place. We were quite a team. You have spoiled me forever. You always knew what was needed before the request was made, by me, Dr. Church, etc. Your talents and virtues could fill 10 pages, written in font size #8. I am truly appreciative for everything you did to help me do my job. You are the hardest and most responsible worker I have ever known. Everything you did in your job was of the highest quality and with record speed. The Clinic will suffer greatly with out you. You have thought all of us so much, especially me, and I appreciated your willingness to teach and share what you know. I know just being our friend I will continue to learn from you, even if its from afar.

I won't say good bye, just good luck!!!! I hope to see you soon. And, I know I will be talking with you often. You can always count on me. I only said this to one other person, Brian, so you know it means a lot, and that is, "I will always be your biggest fan".

Much love to you,

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